Jaunty little chap.

Not to be used on suede or nubuck.

This was going to be a bonus post to accompany my finished EHX BassBalls mod, but I need to swap the LED out and take a couple more pictures before I post it here. So, here for your entertainment is about the silliest thing I’ve done with a soldering iron to date!

I needed a latching foot switch to bypass my Tubeworks RT902 preamp. I had the DPDT switch and a spare jack, but I didn’t want to shell out $$$ for an enclosure. It just so happens that I needed to polish up my work shoes; when I eventually found my cache of shoe polish I found both cans of black polish had dried up. I still had plenty of Dubbin (an excellent product to maintain the health of leather footwear!), and upon taking one look at the can of I had a light bulb moment. I transferred the remaining Dubbin to the empty polish cans, and cleaned it up.

Not to be used on suede or nubuck.
Jaunty .

After 10 minutes with a power drill and 5 minutes worth of soldering, I had a foot switch! The DPDT switch is attached to the lid, which is held onto the bottom by three self-tapping screws. The jack is attached to the bottom of the can, and is unfortunately angled down a little – just enough that you want to use a right-angled lead instead of a straight one.

The lid is pretty flimsy and was popping in and out every time I stepped on it. I cut off a couple of chunks of garden stake & contact bonded them into the lid. A bit of mousepad foam lining the bottom cushioned them just enough so that nothing moves when the lid is screwed on.

Not much to it!

Not much to it!

The wiring couldn’t be easier: black from common lug on the switch to ground on the jack, white from a lug on the switch to hot lug on the jack (for novices: lifting the hot wire breaks the circuit, which essentially tells the remote relay switch in the preamp to turn off).

I could still squeeze a battery in there, and I have half a switch free so I could rig an LED if I wanted to. It’s completely unnecessary however: the RT902 is used as a distortion channel in my rack setup, with the gain maxed & the boost engaged. I don’t need no LED to tell me when it’s on!

I’ve got a second can of Dubbin somewhere, and I could use a true-bypass looper…