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As per a suggestion on the TalkBass forums, I re-ran the tests with my pink noise sample turned down around -10dB. Many pedals are not designed to accept the high level of input from my first test & will respond differently (it’s the same thing that happens when you run certain pedals in an amp’s fx loop).

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Guyatone BB-1 Flip Valve 'Bass Driver'
Guyatone BB-1

Currently residing on my workbench is an old Guyatone BB-1 Flip Valve “Bass Driver” pedal, on loan from OzBass forum user Crayzeebass. It’s fairly heavily influenced by the BK Butler / Chandler Tube Driver, (made famous by a Mr David Gilmour of a little band called Pink Floyd you may have heard of) and runs on 9 volts. He’d purchased it from another forumite, but commented to me that it lost a bit of his tone. I’d been curious to try it out (it has a neat semi-parametric mid control), and he’s local, so he dropped it off to me for to have a look-see. Read the rest of this entry »