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I’m going to say this up front: as a child of the 70’s, I got into music in the 80’s. I got my first turntable at age 8, back in ’84. I missed Jaco first time around, and although I respect where he took the electric bass, I have never really got into him since.

Anyway, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones is generally accredited with being the first guy to defret a fretted electric bass, and his bass playing is pretty much as solid as you could ever want. There’s also some sweet and subtle fretless work in Pink Floyd (“Hey You” “Learning to Fly” “A Pillow of Winds”), but probably THE reason for me getting the fretless bug was Pino Palladino’s utterly killer bass playing in “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” by Paul Young. Bakithi Khumalo’s bass lines on Paul Simon’s “Graceland” certainly helped fuel the fire.

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